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About s4s

The goal has always been to build a safe place for youth in the Reno, NV community where they have an outlet in nature to improve their overall mental health. We believe that financial burden should never hinder a child from building these memories, skills, and experiences, that is why we intend for our services to be free.  

Jonas and Shelby Schenzel both have 10+ years working with youth in the mental health and educational setting. The idea for Slopes came from Jonas starting a ski + snowboard program through his school. He saw the fulfillment it brought all children and the idea unfolded from there. Instead of focusing solely on winter sports, S4S is focused on all outdoor activities that may be more difficult for youth to reach without proper guidance and resources. 


Overall, Jonas and Shelby want this program to give back to the community. We will offer multiple grounding practices along with outdoor activities for all youth who wish to be involved.  

Meet the crew

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